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The Importance of E-Verify

What is E-Verify? E-verify is a free, entirely internet-based system. The United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services Department (USCIS,) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA,) provides an automated link to federal government databases to assist employers in determining validity of their social security number and employment eligibility in the United States. The information employers put into this free database comes from the I-9 form, a mandatory item of paperwork for any employer.

Who should use E-Verify? While all employers, in every state, are required to complete the I-9, it is optional in most states for employers to use the online E-Verify system using the data obtained on the I-9 form. Currently, a handful of states including: Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, and South Carolina require all employers to use E- Verify. Many other states, including Florida, require all federal contractors to use the system. Ad-VANCE highly reccommends that employers use this system, and we offer this service for free as part of our total hiring package.

Why is it important for ME to use E-Verify? This system aids employers in preventing the hiring of individuals that are not legal to work in the United States. Hiring illegal workers can (and will) lead to a myriad of unwanted circumstances, including (but certainly not limited to): time & training invested in unauthorized workers, inaccurate wage & tax reporting, and irreparable reputation tarnishment.

How do I utilize E-Verify? For more information on how to register with and utilize E-Verify, visit the official site: http://www.uscis.gov/