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The Job Search and the 30-Second Commercial

It is important whether you will be meeting people in person or on the phone, to prepare your 30-second commercial so that when someone ask you, “What do you do?”  You don’t say, “Well, uh, I’m just looking for a job and looking for like an HR job or something…!

A simple model for preparing your 30-second commercial is to briefly review four specific questions.  Any longer than that time and people will not listen.

Your commercial should include:

  • Your personal background and/or your connection to the person.
  • Your educational background particularly if this will enhance your credibility
  • Your business background: a few summary statements providing your key areas of expertise and unique offering as a professional.
  • The bridge connecting what you do and what help you can provide a potential employer.

Once done, find someone with whom you can try out your 30-second commercial.  Ask them to refine the information you have included in the educational and background specifically.

Initially, it can be very difficult to condense the essence of your services into 30 seconds.  The benefit of this process is that it helps you to more clearly articulate what it is you do so anyone can understand in.  The more people who understand it, the more can help you present yourself.  A major mistake most people make is to not connect what you have to offer to what might be needed to an organization.

Think about their needs, not just yours.  All you have to do now is get out there and share it with people you meet, those you interview with and those you network with.  Good luck!

Brion Sunseri is the Owner and President of Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions, a full service staffing and HR services company based in Bradenton, Florida.  You can contact Brion at: bsunseri@ad-vance.com