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The “New” Temporary Workforce

As our workforce continues to grow, change and evolve in order to facilitate the digital-age economy of the future, the number temporary and contract employees in every organization is also rising. Gone are the days of a one-company, life-long career. As the economy is still somewhat uncertain and companies begin to hire again, contract and temp staff is the obvious way to go  …But the increase in temp and contract workers transcends this employer’s current reluctancy to hire: The shift to a workforce based primarily on contingent workers and shorter-spanned career durations is inevitable

Check out the article “Experts Predict: Half Your Workforce Will Be Temps” from ere.com all about the rising number of temporary workers and the impending shift towards a more flexible workforce: http://www.ere.net/2012/08/28/experts-predict-half-your-workforce-will-be-temps/