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Top 5 Job Agencies Myths DEBUNKED!

Top 5 Job Agencies Myths DEBUNKED!


Have you almost reached out to job agencies like Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions, but hesitated at the last moment? Ad-VANCE has been serving the staffing needs of Gulf Coast businesses for over twenty years, but many companies aren’t sure what agencies like this one can do. Here’s the truth behind five common ‘myth-conceptions’ about recruitment agencies.

Myth #1: Recruitment agencies don’t do the heavy lifting

Time is money, and a recruiting agency can save you a lot of both. Looking for the right candidate can be difficult and complicated for a wide variety of reasons. You need to find someone with the right qualifications for the job. After that, you may need to check their employment history and social media presence. Then you need to reach out to the potential employee, establish a rapport with them, and begin the interview process. All of this can be time-consuming and tie up your HR department. Instead, why don’t you let an agency that specializes in recruitment handle all the details for you?

Myth #2: Recruitment Agencies Aren’t Affordable

Why do candidates like working with recruitment agencies? Because, for them, there are no upfront costs. Some recruitment companies may charge the business directly for their services. This could make you hesitate. However, as we’ve already mentioned, your time is valuable. A recruitment agency can handle the potential headache of finding the right person and making the job connection on your behalf. The bottom line? It’s often more cost efficient to just hire a professional for this.

Myth #3: Recruitment Agencies Only Post Job Listings

The truth is, recruiting is a multi-step process and these agencies will go the extra mile to help you. Agencies are happy to work with you, but you’ll get the best results if you begin with the clearest possible description of what qualifications the job position requires. A good recruitment agency can help you work out exactly what is needed by building a profile of your ideal candidate. The next step in the hiring process is where these agencies can really shine. They may have a great candidate already in mind, and this will save you time by them setting up the interview immediately. If the agency has to search farther afield, they will keep you updated on their progress and let you know when a potential employee has been found.

Myth #4: Recruiters can’t help with specialized industries

You’re probably already aware of how difficult it can be to fill some highly specialized and technical positions. If you’re struggling, what could a recruitment agency do? Quite a lot. Recruitment agencies are experienced in reaching out to possible employees regardless of the industry. They have contacts throughout the area from healthcare to IT to customer service related professions. Recruiters also know how to reach out to ‘passive employees’. These are people who are comfortable at their job but might make a change for the right offer.

Myth #5: Recruitment Agencies Leave the Red Tape to You

What stands between you and the employee of your dreams? A mountain of paperwork for both sides. The job seeker needs to have a professionally formatted, up-to-date resume or CV. Businesses like yours may have to deal with job descriptions, contracts, and so on. A good recruitment agency will speed up this tedious process, sweep the paperwork out of the way, and let you meet the new employee, face to face, in no time.