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Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Team

Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Team





Every company functions a little differently, but one thing all businesses have in common is a backbone of successful teamwork. A solid team forms the foundation of your company and will ensure that your business keeps running smoothly. Market shifts? Supplier shortfalls? Computer meltdowns? A solid team can roll with the punches. Here are seven qualities that foster successful teamwork:

Clear and Defined Roles

The most efficient teams work smarter, not harder. Each team member knows exactly what they need to do and under what deadline. This helps them work more efficiently and take pride in their efforts, because they clearly understand how their role fits into the big picture.

Foster a Supportive Environment

Even though everyone should have clear roles, an efficient team will also ask for help (or provide it!) when needed. This builds in a safety net, so that if one team member has a personal crisis or the task is unexpectedly difficult, the rest will rally and keep things on track.

Open Communication

A team that communicates freely with each other is stronger and more agile. If a problem crops up, they can start handling it immediately instead of getting bogged down in the early reaction stages.

Keep the Goal in Mind

Your team can get lost if they focus just on the day to day details. That’s why it’s useful for team members to touch base so that everyone understands the big picture. Break down how to reach this goal into manageable steps for greater clarity and efficiency.

Stay Organized

The more ambitious and complex your business’s goal, the more important it is for everyone in the office to stay organized. This can include: efficient office layout, careful scheduling, attention to deadlines, backing up vital data, staying current with communications, etcetera. Frequent meetings can address concerns and keep people on the same page.

Multiple Perspectives and Talents

Your team will work best when there’s a diversity of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. Why? A diverse team can brainstorm many ways to solve a problem. They may also provide a wide range of insights into everything from coming trends to customer behavior.

Direct the Team With the Right Leader

The right leader for your team will spearhead any campaign with finesse. He or she can integrate team members’ opinions, delegate tasks efficiently, and mediate conflicts. Not every employee is right for this job. You may need to track down a strong candidate for this position.

Bonus: Celebrate Milestones

You can boost morale and help your team build some bonds by scheduling celebrations for important project milestones or company achievements. This could be anything from ordering pizza for the office to throwing a Saturday celebration at the local park. It’s a way to show your employees that you value their hard work and give them a chance to relax and get to know each other better.

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