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When You Can’t Stand Another Day in Your Current Position…

  1. Breathe.
  2. Join a job seekers support group or meetup. A job seekers / job finders support group isn’t about moping, nor is it solely about emotional support (although that may be a component).  It’s about learning the skills and abilities of those in the group, discovering what each person is looking for, then working as a team to get everyone connected with a job they love. The time you invest in a group like this is multiplied by the number of people in the group…having many people looking for opportunities for you greatly improves your chances of finding a great job!
  3. Choose a form of networking that you find fun. Joining a traditional networking group is the obvious option, but not the only one.  Every social encounter is a networking opportunity.  Identify groups that you might enjoy on multiple levels, that you can imagine sticking with for the long haul.  For instance, let’s say you’ve always wanted to learn how to grow bonsai.  Plugging into the local bonsai society would connect you with a whole new social network.  Maybe it’s time to purchase those dance lessons you’ve been wanting or to go out with friends more.  Not only will this take a load off, but it has practical social and business implications as well: you never know who you may meet and how you may be able to help them on their career journey (or vice versa).
  4. Connect with a mentor. Successful people routinely claim that having a mentor was key to their success.  Now is the perfect time to start laying the groundwork with someone who can help you navigate your career.  Find someone in your field—or someone doing what you ultimately want to do—who is willing to invest time to help you strategize and build skills.
  5. Apply with Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions–we can help you find a temporary or permanent position as you wish. Complete an application by returning to our home page at www.Ad-VANCE.com.  Click “apply now” in the bottom right corner of the page then either search and apply to individual jobs from the top of the page or submit a general application at the bottom of the page.  Apply for as many jobs as interest you and–if you’re qualified for the job, expect to hear from us!

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