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Why HR Trends are Important

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Why watch HR trends?

Whether or not your company has an HR department, paying attention to HR trends can give you valuable insights.

Because the HR department interacts with every employee, HR management is thought to be key in the success of almost every workplace.

Factors effecting every work place

Consider the multiple factors that will be affecting every workplace to some degree. The trends in HR management can act as a guideline for ensuring employees get the help they need to stay active and engaged.

Diversity and inclusion

One trend that shows up immediately is prioritizing diversity and inclusion, not only during the hiring process but throughout a person’s work experience.

The millennials entering the workforce have made it quite plain that a company’s reputation for social justice, diversity and inclusion has a bearing on whether or not they would consider working for that company itself.

Some companies now are using studies to help them find areas of improvement. Other companies are releasing diversity reports. These reports show that a company is actively engaged in creating an inclusive workplace.

Flexible working hours

In the aftermath of Covid 19, it has been shown that, overwhelmingly, the flexibility in work schedules is a major consideration to most workers.

Supporting career development

With the advancement of AI, robotics, and other technological developments, employees are becoming more concerned with their career development.

HR managers make it one of their priorities to support career development by implementing new strategies. These include individual coaching for employees, skills training in specialized abilities, and providing networking opportunities.

Reviewing employee benefits

An annual review of employee benefits can provide data on which benefits are being used by employees. Due to rising healthcare costs, some additional options and healthcare benefits have become very appealing. These can include telemedicine options and policies to share or reduce out-of-pocket costs.

There is also another trend that is appealing to many people. And that is the option for offering voluntary benefits. Many HR departments have found ways to provide additional benefits such as life insurance, pet insurance, and accident insurance. These benefits can be offered free of charge or for a nominal fee.

Student loan debt assistance

Another voluntary benefit is student loan repayment assistance. This is invaluable to new graduates and to employees who have carried student loan debt throughout their working careers. This can be a way of reducing money paid to lenders out-of-pocket.

Preventing burnout

Burnout has always been a problem in the workplace. It is especially prevalent for workers who have repetitive job duties with no apparent option to improve or even change their situations.

Burnout itself has led to the phenomena of quiet quitting. This is when an employee does the absolute bare minimum necessary to keep his or her job.

Surprising facts

It was once assumed that salary increases were the primary reason for employee retention. However other perks have taken first place.

When surveyed 1 in 5 considered student loan repayment to be most important to them.

Other surprising statistics include the following: 19% wanted child care or daycare stipend, 15% were looking for tuition reimbursement, and 28% would chose a signing bonus.


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