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Why Temp Jobs Don’t Suck

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As Staffing Talk says, “We might get slammed in the mainstream press, but staffers know the truth: every day we are out there TRULY helping someone get on the road to prosperity.”

Temp hires can have a big foot through the door to actually being asked to stay full time. 27 percent of temporary assignments lead to permanent positions according to the Upjohn Institute of Employment Research. Which is suggesting that if you are a solid yet un-employed person, your shots of landing that full-time position through your temp job are not so far-fetched.


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Emily actually turned down a position that had lower pay in a place with housing that was too expensive. She chose the temp route and picked up another part time job, and ended up getting 4 promotions!


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Temp work goes way beyond your normal blasé receptionist and secretary jobs, there are temp positions in every kind of level whether an accountant or executive admin. The best thing to do is stick with a niche and seek out a temp staffing company aligned with your career goals.


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