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Why Temporary Staffing Makes Sense!

Attention Employers and Job Seekers: Are you considering working with a temporary staffing or search agency?

According to Careerbuilder.com and Forbes magazine, 36% of companies will use a temporary staffing firm in 2012. Currently, more than one third of all American companies have less staff on payroll than they did before the recession, and a majority of them are turning to staffing companies for assistance in rebuilding their work team.  In today’s employment market, with a high amount of unemployed, qualified American workers, hiring on new staff can prove to be a different process than most employers remember 3 years ago… 

There are some obvious benefits of using a staffing company, and then there are numerous indicators of temporary staffing’s value (for both employers AND employees) that are not quite so obvious:

For Employers: The most obvious benefits include avoiding unemployment, worker’s compensation, state & federal taxes, health care coverage, other benefits including vacation & holiday pay, FMLA, employee termination, and in some cases you avoid commitment of any kind. In using a search & staffing firm, employers also save themselves the time, effort, & money involved in performing all testing & screening,  paying employees, and sorting through the thousands of qualified applicants that are out there in order to locate the right candidate who fill be the best fit in the job AND culturally within the organization (just to name a few.)

For Employees: You have another resource in your strenuous job search, a liaison with connections between you and numerous hiring organizations. You have opportunities for trying out different fields & organizations, adding new skills to you resume (or keeping up your existing ones,) avoiding the dreaded “gap in work history” on your resume, and building your professional network. To some people, the most important benefit of utilizing a staffing firm is receiving health care coverage & benefits and earning a paycheck! While we can’t guarantee that every temp assignment will be the favorite job you’ve ever had or turn into a permanent position … We cannot stress enough how many times these things DO happen!! Just last week, 2 “one week, temp” assignments through Ad-VANCE  turned into permanent careers that neither party (employer or employee) went in expecting but both were genuinely grateful for!  If you have a bad experience with an employer, you are not obligated to that employer and you can use the job as professional learning and growing experience.

 Ad-VANCE and other agencies are here to make the best employer/employee connections possible using a plethora of resources, and if you discount the opportunities that exist through us … who knows what opportunity or employee you just might be unknowingly passing up?! If you would like more convincing on why temporary staffing is worth it, you should check out this article from Forbes magazine where Kerry Hannon, a career expert, refers to temporary staffing as “the bees knees”  :