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Are You a Workaholic? Here Are a Few Signs You Could be Addicted to Work



It may be a topic that gets joked about in the adult world, but the truth is, being a workaholic for those who are seriously suffering is not so much of a laughing matter. This addiction is one that can change your entire personality, outlook, and even the values you hold important. The primary characterization of being addicted to work may simply be devoting more hours to work than the usual individual, but the true symptoms go even deeper than that. Here are a few signs which could indicate you are struggling with workaholism.

1. You spend way more time on the clock than your colleagues.

You are the first one at the office in the morning and often times, the last one to clock out for the day. While some employment positions require you to put in more hours, if you spending more time at work than everyone else is your own doing, it is a good indication that you are a workaholic.

2. Work is always on your mind.

The normal person will spend their day at work daydreaming about what they could be doing if they were not at work. On the other hand, someone who is suffering as a workaholic has a hard time thinking about anything other than work, even when they are spending time doing things they would normally enjoy.

3. Your personal life is suffering because of the amount of time you dedicate to work.

If you are devoting too much time to your job, your personal life can be greatly affected. You may blow off family functions in exchange for time at the office or avoid making and keeping plans with friends or loved ones because you know it will interfere with work.

4. You are paying a physical price for working too much.

People who spend too much time working are quick to disregard their health. You may:


  • not get enough sleep
  • struggle with eating healthy because you often skip meals at work
  • not get enough exercise because there is no time
  • disregard the need for medical attention because you don’t want to miss work

Being a workaholic is a serious situation and could point to deeper emotional issues. If you suspect that you are dealing with workaholism, it is good to talk to a therapist for advice. Additionally, you can reach out to Ad-Vance Talent Solutions for more information.