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Recruitment Process Efficiencies

The recruitment process becomes more efficient and less frustrating when you let Ad-Vance step in. We take those time-consuming parts of searching and hiring for your open positions, and let you do your job. From recruiting process outsourcing to recruiting process services, our recruiters can eliminate the burden of screening, testing, and evaluating for you.

Recruiting Processing Outsourcing (RPO)

Together with our clients, Ad-Vance has created efficient processes for sourcing, vetting, interviewing, and presenting all internal hires for our largest clients. Our recruiters must adhere to a strict process timeline that allows 14 days to post, 7 days to vet & qualify, and 7 days to submit screened candidates for all direct-hire positions.


Ad-Vance has excelled in and refined this process. As an example—we hired 260 employees for internal staff over the past year alone. Ad-Vance is responsible for job postings, recruitment, interview scheduling, and post-hire onboarding for both internal and external positions. At any given time, on average we coordinate over 130 position requests.

Recruitment Processing Services (RPS)

Ad-Vance also provides Recruitment Processing Services (RPS) for a County client that started in 2008 and has been so successful it is still in place today. We have on-site recruiters that facilitate and administer the recruiting and hiring process for the hiring of all their internal County employees. The efficiency of our RPS model has allowed our client’s Human Resources department to focus on their primary core duties of benefits administration, training, and employee retention. Ad-Vance has averaged over 450 new internal hires over the past 3 years.


Talk to us about recruiting processing services and outsourcing Ad-Vance can provide for you.