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Success Stories & Case Studies

It’s All in How We Do It. Collaboration Is the Key.

Ad-Vance Talent Solutions has helped many businesses in various industries throughout Florida by providing qualified, professional staffing resources, and workforce solutions.  Our proven experience can assist you to streamline staffing, improve hiring processes, control costs, and boost productivity.  Throughout the years Ad-Vance has leveraged its client partnerships to tackle the hardest challenges and produce consistently great results.


Please allow us to share some of our case studies and success stories and then let us do it for you.


Case Study

Pasco County Government

Challenges in Processing Emergency Services Dispatcher Candidates


Challenge-Button-BoldPCG Emergency Services needed to immediately fill many openings in their 911 Dispatch Center but could not effectively process the volume (735 applicants) of interested candidates.  PCG Emergency Services had the applicant pool but did not have the staff, resources, and processes to properly screen, assess, and onboard viable candidates.  Hence, they had many empty seats in dispatch and frustrated candidates that moved on to other opportunities.




Ad-Vance jumped in and created and facilitated an effective screening process for all of the Emergency Services candidates. The process involved screening candidates to ensure they met minimum qualifications, pre-testing for a greater success rate of candidates that would pass Criticall testing, assisted in setting up Criticall testing and proctored onsite, schedule interviews for candidates that passed, scheduled polygraph testing, psych evaluations and final interviews with Lieutenant.  All 735 applicants had clear communication regarding the position and understood the timeline involved. In addition, Ad-Vance creatively enabled 911 Dispatch to payroll new employees while they went through the application process. This allowed the agency to “try before you buy” potential employees while not losing potentially good applicants to the lengthy hiring process.




Over a 3-month period Ad-Vance was able to successfully touch all candidates and efficiently process the applicant flow to a manageable level for PCG Emergency Services staff.  PCG’s partnership with Ad-Vance was instrumental in enabling PCG Emergency Services to fill their open positions timely while maintaining an above-average agency-wide staffing rate.


Pinellas County Government

Business Technology Services


Challenge-Button-BoldPinellas County was having staffing shortages in the Business Technology Services department. They had over 26 openings that they could not consistently fill and were unable to attract applicants that were experienced and had the necessary skills to fill positions that were available in the department.  Their biggest challenges were the lower wage range compared to the private sector market and the poor visibility of job postings on the County website and traditional job boards



Solution-Button-BoldPinellas County hired Ad-Vance to source I.T. talent for their Business Technology Services division through a flat fee Retained Search Sourcing contract.  Ad-Vance together with Pinellas County I.T. Director and key staff created a recruiting campaign that included a highly creative Social Media Facebook advertising plan. “Beaches and Benefits” was the slogan playing to the pristine Florida beaches and the lucrative benefits packages the County could offer.  Ad-Vance created the plan using a YouTube video to market-specific cities and colleges in the Midwest and the Northeast area of the U.S. enticing potential IT applicants to get out of the cold weather.



Outcome-Button-BoldAd-Vance created this IT Opportunities video that resulted in over 3500 video views (impressions) per month.


Ad-Vance social media and sourcing campaign resulted in a consistent flow of quality applicants that resulted in all key critical positions being filled. Monthly meetings, detailed progress tracking, and reporting, and consistent candidate engagement produced steady results.  The number of candidate average I.T. openings dropped from 23 openings down to 3, which was a manageable number.


Polk County Government

Roads and Drainage Division


Challenge-Button-BoldPolk County faced a serious challenge with applicant flow in the Roads and Drainage division. Due to a lack of internal training and promotion, there were 12 openings for Equipment Operator II. This position requires a Class B CDL and the pay is $13.76/hr.

The division was not promoting/training from within, creating a gap in positions. Until a training program could be successfully implemented, we had to focus on filling in the gap externally.



Solution-Button-BoldAd-Vance Talent Solutions met with the hiring manager and suggested an on-site job fair. Through our extensive advertisements on multiple websites, we were able to bring in 30 qualified candidates to the job fair. Each candidate had an opportunity to speak briefly with the hiring manager regarding their experience, and what the job would entail. After the job fair, the hiring manager provided a list of candidates to bring in for a formal interview that complied with county HR standards.



Outcome-Button-BoldThrough the job fair, AD-Vance was able to fill 6 of the 12 open positions, and the new employees were able to clear the background check and start on the job within 2 weeks. We also managed to fill several other open positions for other hiring managers who were able to meet one-on-one with the candidates who attended the job fair.


Polk County Government

Immediate Hiring Event for CNA’s


Challenge-Button-BoldPolk County faced an urgent need for CNA’s and LPN’s at their Adult Day Care Facility. A shortage of staff meant they were turning patients away. Traditional job board listings were not bringing in enough viable candidates.



Solution-Button-BoldAd-Vance proposed to host and facilitate a hiring event and was promoted by a large advertising campaign on several platforms. Once the candidate was interviewed by the Hiring Manager and selected for hire, the candidate met with an Ad-Vance representative on-site to complete onboarding.



Outcome-Button-BoldFive successful candidates were able to start work in less than a week while still meeting Polk County Government hiring standards. A huge immediate need addressed!