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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?


What would Human Resources do if staff had more time on their hands?

Focus on performance management?  Create more opportunities for in-house training?  Review and revamp benefits offerings?  Realign long-term strategic planning to flex with the company’s changing needs? Our client-partners have experienced the opportunity to focus on other areas within Human Resources by outsourcing the Recruitment Process with Ad-Vance.

Not outsourcing Human Resources; just Recruiting!

Let’s face it; preferred employers keep their candidates informed and engaged & that takes TIME.  Our RPO services goes above and beyond to treat your applicants with respect and keep your company top of mind.  RPO services provide candidates with information regarding the status of their application, information about new opportunities, and a real live person to speak with.

What are RPO Services all about?

The services vary and are customized to fit each agency’s need.  Some clients need updated Applicant Tracking Systems to manage job postings, candidate flow & provide easier channels of communicating with candidates.  Other clients may need assistance with best-practices processes throughout their enterprise.Our best/greatest service is understanding the hurdles HR may be experiencing that prevents the department from accomplishing their larger goals.