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Why Ad-Vance

Who Is Ad-Vance Talent Solutions?

Who are We?

Ad-Vance Talent Solutions is a “One Stop” HR solution provider specializing in temporary and “temp-to-hire” staffing, professional search, pre-employment screening and recruitment process outsourcing.


Ad-Vance’s business expertise is in efficiently sourcing, qualifying and screening talent at all levels, and allowing our clients to focus on their core duties.


Our services are contingent based, and we offer an unconditional guarantee. As the employer of record, there is little, if no risk for employers to give us try.

What type of positions do we fill?

Everything ranging from Lifeguards and Retail Stockers, Medical Front Office, and Call Center, to Audit Accountants.

Why choose Ad-Vance?

The ROI we provide our clients is substantial and simply put, we can recruit and pre-screen less costly, more thoroughly and more efficiently, all while allowing the client complete control.

We offer the flexibility of staffing for 1 position for a day, or 101 positions through a major project or seasonal need.



Video Interviewing

Pre-recorded video interviews save time during searches for Hiring Managers and job candidates. It streamlines the recruiting process. Ad-Vance has incorporated video interviewing into our candidate submittal procedure. This revolutionary video interviewing platform makes the job search and staffing process easier than ever.