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10 Essential Verbs to Use in Your CV

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What is one of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make on their CV? It’s not about your experience or education. Too many people don’t use the right action-oriented verbs to signal to potential employers what a dynamic candidate they are.

Ten Must-have Verbs for an Attention Grabbing CV:


Management covers more than just interpersonal interactions. It also includes controlling time and resources. Hiring managers want to know that you can take charge of projects without direct assistance. Be sure to include in your CV any instances where you took initiative with an assignment.


Hiring managers are looking for candidates that bring real value to the company quickly. Make sure you write down hard numbers for what you’ve brought to previous workplaces. These may include sales figures, industry contacts, and typical project delivery times.


In busy and demanding job positions, planning ahead is a vital skill to assure that all projects are completed on time and with good quality. Recruiters want to know that you’re organized and thoughtful when tackling difficulties. Planning ahead can also prevent costly problems down the line.


Presentations are about much more than just putting together an attention-catching Powerpoint. It is also about demonstrating that you thoroughly understand the company, the product, the clients, and your job’s duties. Be sure to include any past presentations at conferences on your CV.


Training someone else requires a key combination of competence at your job and excellent interpersonal communication. This also shows leadership potential, if you have your eye on climbing the ladder to a management position. Detail on your CV any training experience you have and what it entailed.


Companies are always looking for improvement, whether it’s the product they offer, the process by which its made, or the client experience. This is a great time to write down some hard figures as you describe exactly how your suggested improvements helped your previous employer.


‘Reduced’ is often just another word for ‘more efficient’, and recruiters will be very interested in how you increased workplace efficiency. This may include reducing the time and cost of a project, reducing friction between team members, or reducing waste of raw materials.


Skills that help the whole team are just as important on your CV. Supporting your colleagues during crunch times shows great interpersonal skills, loyalty to the company, and multitasking ability. A supportive employee is a great asset to the workplace when the unexpected strikes like a key worker getting sick or a deadline looming.


Having strong negotiation skills is essential in every workplace. It’s most obviously an asset in management and sales departments, but even small teams can benefit from this. Try to enrich your CV with a couple of concrete examples of how you used negotiation skills in your last position.


Even the most streamlined businesses may run into unexpected complications. These can range from miscommunication with the client to delays in getting key equipment or even weather-related problems. Impress your recruiter by including in your CV what the issue was and how you resolved it.

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