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3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Local Staffing Agency

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You’ve been struggling for months to find good candidates to fill open positions at your company. Posting job ads yourself hasn’t turned up anyone promising despite all the time you’ve invested. You could really use some extra help to build up your team. Have you considered partnering with a local staffing agency? Here’s why hiring one could solve your hiring woes.

1. They Know the Local Job Market

A local staffing agency focused on your community will have an in-depth understanding of your specific job market. They track the trends in talent availability in the area. They know the best local people to recruit and the most effective outreach methods. And by having strong connections in the local community, they’re able to market your company to top, qualified candidates. According to the American Staffing Association, 64% of staffing employees work these positions to fill in the gap between jobs or to help them land a job. You can lean on their expertise instead of trying to master the complexities of local hiring yourself.

2. They Save You Time

Take sourcing candidates for that open sales rep position. Sifting through piles of mediocre resumes, scheduling screening calls and interviews, and evaluating everyone eats up large chunks of your time that could be spent more productively running your business. A local staffing agency handles all those tasks of recruiting, vetting, and recommending great local job seekers matched to your requirements. So you save enormous time and hassle by letting them do all the hard work for you.

3. They’ll Reduce Your Hiring Risks

Maybe your last few hires didn’t work out so well. But turn to a local staffing agency, and you can count on them to thoroughly vet each candidate for the particular role you’re trying to fill. Their extensive screening ensures that anyone they put forward is 100% qualified. And if things still don’t work out with a local staffing agency placement, they’ll find someone new for you free of charge. That saves you tons of disruption, lost productivity, and more bad hires down the road.

Ready to solve your hiring headaches? Then it’s time to bring a local staffing agency on board. Local staffing agencies offer specialized knowledge of your job market, time savings, and reduced risks. So what are you waiting for? Partner with a top local staffing agency today and watch all your hiring problems disappear. Call our team at Ad-Vance Talent Solutions to get help finding the ideal employees today.