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4 Perks that Attract Generation Z Talent

4 Perks that Attract Generation Z Talent


Every great business needs to think ahead, and that includes staying up to date with the latest generation of the workforce. Generation Z is the group graduating college right about now, and they’re ready to enter the working world. What do they want? These young future employees are defined by personal growth, a desire for work-life balance, and interest in nontraditional workplace perks.


Like Millennials, Generation Z brings their own unique skills and perspective to the table. You need to understand them to attract talent from this population. Here are five strategies that you can start implementing now:

Offer Flexible Working Schedules

One of the most sought-after benefits for Generation Z is the flexibility to choose their own hours. To stay competitive, you may want to look at a wide variety of flex-time strategies. One of these may be right for your company and the position offered. Some ideas include:

  • Flexibility of start or end times.
  • Offering a generous vacation schedule.
  • The possibility of working four longer days instead of a standard Monday to Friday workweek.
  • Job sharing programs.
  • Offering a certain number of days of personal time off.

Set Up Telecommuting

There are many strategies of telecommuting that you can implement. For some positions, it may be possible that they can work entirely from home and touch base through calls and video chat. Another option is to split time, for instance spending half the day at the office and doing work remotely in the afternoon. This strategy has another benefit: if you set up co-working spaces for employees who are only around half the time, you won’t have to maintain the same number of offices.

Offer Training As a Perk

Generation Z is very self-motivated and interested in increasing their skill set. You can attract talent that’s exhausted by relentlessly rising university costs by offering them training in fields of interest. This is a great way to cultivate quality employees, as you give new hires access to training in more challenging fields. If you’re struggling to fill a specialized position, you may be able to build up their skills to meet the job’s requirements. Finally, making this investment in your employees shows that you value them and view them as a long-term asset in the company.

Travel Perks Can Set You Ahead of the Pack

Millennials started this trend and Generation Z has run with it: they love to travel. If the position you’re offering involves frequent traveling possibilities, be sure to mention that on the job listing. If it does not, look at what opportunities you can create. For instance, you can schedule short-term transfers to other locations, or perhaps send select employees to industry conferences in destination cities like New Orleans or Los Angeles.

Help Pay For Commuting Expenses

Depending on where your company is located, commuting may be a significant financial expense. This burden hits new college graduates the hardest. Consider offering perks like gas allowance, bus passes and travel cards, or establishing an office car pool.

Reel In New Talent With Ad-VANCE

Generation Z is hitting the job market and making big waves. You’ll want to cast a wide net to catch the best new talent out there. At Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions, we stay on top of job market trends and can connect you with the wave of the future around the Gulf Coast. Filling that job position is just a call away, so contact us today.