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5 Ways to Give Your Resume a Boost for the Digital Age

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  1. Delete work experience that’s over 10 years old—generally speaking, no one cares.
  2. Permeate your resume with key words, especially if your resume will be entered in a database.  More and more, high keyword correlation in your resume can make the difference between getting an interview and never hearing a peep out of the employer.  To maximize the number of key words you include, you may want to embed key words in one point white font (this works especially well around your name or where there is white space on your resume).
  3. Edit your LinkedIn profile, convert your LinkedIn URL to a vanity url (that showcases your name rather than a long stream of numbers), then add this URL to the contact info section of your resume.
  4. Observe the resume trinity.  Save each of your resumes in three formats: as text (in case you need to copy and paste it into a web application system where all formatting will be lost), as a Word Doc (so you can make changes to it), and as a pdf (so you have a version to email that will keep its formatting and that no one can make changes to).
  5. When emailing your resume, include your name in the title of your resume (so the employer can easily save and reference it) and include the job title and any reference # or job listing # in the subject line.