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7 Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Coping with Covid-19 Fatigue


By now you’ve probably read many articles about covid-19 and you may not even be certain that you want to read one more!

But if you do have a little time to spare some of these ideas might be useful for you.

First: Create a routine for yourself. One of the most unsettling things about the pandemic is the uncertainty and lack of order and predictability. Following a routine begins to bring a little bit of predictability and order back into our lives.

Second: Even though you may not be leaving your home, take time to shower and get dressed into clean and comfortable clothing. We all know that what you wear is sending a message to those around you. But, more importantly, how you are dressed is sending a message to yourself! It’s pretty well accepted that our unconscious behavior automatically changes when we are dressed up.

Third: Most of us are trying to do our best to stay informed. If you are watching a lot of news, just remember that one of the primary goals of all TV programs is to get and keep ratings. Consequently, information will be presented in ways designed to grab your attention. While the facts are unsettling enough, dramatic music, graphics and constant repetition can get to be overwhelming.

Fourth: Pay attention to what it is you are telling yourself as you go about your day. Many of us have an internal narrator that’s constantly making observations, decisions, and many times judgments about things that we see and hear as we go about our daily lives. Our internal dialogue can support us or interfere with the things that we are trying to accomplish.

Fifth: Try to a create focus on something outside yourself. People in “The Greatest Generation” lived through four long years of the second world war. They lived through uncertainty and fear, loss of lives, food rationing, gasoline shortages just to name a few. One of the ways they did this was to focus on something outside of themselves. They came together to help one another through difficult times.

Sixth: Many of us may not be in a position to help others financially. But politeness doesn’t cost anything. Sometimes a kind gesture, however small, can make a big difference. This is something that benefits the receiver as well as the giver.


Seventh: There are two things that we know for certain. While we don’t know exactly when things will be better, we do know that the pandemic will not last forever. The other thing that we know is that things will be different.

While some jobs may disappear, new jobs will be created. And best of all, the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is no longer true. The research that’s being done today on how our brains continue to learn throughout life is very encouraging.

Working with a competent staffing agency will help you stay current and informed about new positions as they become available. Trained professionals will be making every effort to place you in the position that fits your needs.

Cynthia Becker
Life Coach/Wellness Coach
NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
Professional Psychic