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9 Things to Look For When Selecting a Recruiter

1. Poise: Without it, a recruiter is unlikely to make winning connections between organizations and people seeking positions.

2. Marketing skills: You need a recruiter who can market you to hiring teams, right?

3. Goal-oriented: Skilled recruiters are driven by targets.  Unless a recruiter has experience placing a given number of people in a given period, they might not be around long enough to place you!  Recruiting is a competitive field.

4. Interpersonal skills: Being a great recruiter requires the utilization of robust people skills all day every day.  Their success, yours, and that of the organization they’re recruiting for depend on it.

5. Professional communication skills: Look for a polished recruiter who communicates clearly and respectfully.

6. Multitasking: As a matter of survival in their role, a recruiter must be able to juggle multiple things at a time.  Recruiters usually work with more than one candidate to fill more than one position at a time so .

7. Time management skills / Speed: Organizations usually want to fill open positions as quickly as possible, so it’s important that your recruiter moves quickly on your behalf.


8. Social media savvy: Job seeking and recruiting are moving online.  A recruiter who’s not up on this technology might miss the mark in getting you the job you want.

9. Leadership skills: Your recruiter often works as part of a team so you should expect them to exhibit the qualities of a leader.