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April Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Ad-VANCE temporary associate, Regina Brown, for earning our award as April 2012 Employee of the Month!! Regina has consistently been an outstanding temporary associate for Ad-VANCE since August of 2011. Her pleasant demeanor, outstanding work ethic, office/reception skills, and contagious positive attitude have consistently been requested by multiple clients, including WastePro of Bradenton. When we asked WastePro for a few words on Regina, the whole office staff was eager to give her some kind, congratulatory words. This is some of what they had to say about her:

  • Amber Bozman said, “Regina has spent many days here at WastePro, which has made her a part of our extended WastePro family! Every opportunity we get to spend some time with Regina, we take it and enjoy every moment. She has a way of brightening the room she is in and the people that are around her … She is intelligent, a hard worker, learns quickly and always gets the job done beyond satisfactorily. We are glad to hear about the Employee of the Month Award and feel like she is very deserving. GO REGINA!”


  • “Regina is always willing to go beyond what is expected of her and always with a smile on her face. I always look forward to working with her because she brings so much joy to those around her. She is so deserving of this award!” – Dawn Gonzalez


  • “She always has a smile on her face, gorgeous, dependable, and has the most friendly, pleasant voice. She has a heart of GOLD! …She is a very special lady and so much deserves this award. For a week and a half we set sail on the USS Regina, now we have docked and miss her very much.” – Brenda Mehringer


  • “Regina always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help out in any way that she can. She is pleasant, friendly, a hard worker and we enjoy every single minute that she is here with us.” – Dana Marina


Congratulations Regina! Ad-VANCE could go on and on, but these wonderful client compliments just about sum up why Regina is so deserving of this recognition. You can also see Regina on the “Testimonials” page of our website. Ad-VANCE is lucky to have so many outstanding employees, but Regina truly is one of the best! We wish her much continued success in the future and look forward to sharing her with new clients as well as those who have already had the pleasure of working with her. Call Ad-VANCE today to see if Regina or another one of our fabulous temps is available for your temporary office needs!