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Are Cover Letters REALLY Necessary?

Are Employers and Recruiters ALWAYS going to read your Cover Letter? No.

Are cover letters still a necessary part of the application process? Absolutely Yes. Every time.

At Ad-VANCE, we strongly suggest that candidates draft a solid cover letter. A majority of recruiters and employers will either overlook or just skim through your cover letter, BUT those employers who do read it really care about it! You have to always expect that the cover letter will be read, analyzed and make a difference in your consideration for any position.

Why the Cover Letter Matters:
• When all you have to represent yourself to a potential employer is one measly little piece of paper, the cover letter gives you another opportunity to sell yourself.
• The cover letter is the first impression you’ll give potential employer – Make it strong!
• While your resume is very to-the-point, the cover letter gives you more room to show some personality.
• The cover letter is your best opportunity to cater your application to any particular job. While your resume generally stays the same, your cover letter is unique to every job you submit it for.
• Your cover letter can include important details like an internal-referral or explain tricky situations like gaps in the resume.
• Finally, your cover letter highlights your MOST important experience and qualities!