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Before Your Interview Always Do This


If you’re in today’s job market, there are all sorts of articles out there for how to be your best at an interview. But the following piece of advice is one you’re not going to find anywhere else but here.

Mind Body Connection

We are all very aware that the mind has an effect on the body. There are hundreds of articles out there that tell us how the thoughts we have will affect how our bodies function. So, no one questions that there is a mind to body connection.

But did you ever stop to think that there might be a body to mind connection. In other words, how the body can effect the mind as well?

Outsmart Yourself

Dr. Peter Vishton is the author of a course called “Outsmart Yourself”. In this course Dr. Vishton goes over several strategies that make use of how the brain works. He also talks about how the body to mind connection works in detail as well. (This series of lectures is available on “Great Courses” TV network).

And that is where this tip comes from.

Super Woman Pose

Dr. Vishton tells us about a study that was done where one group of participants was asked to spend two minutes or so standing in what he calls the Super Woman Pose. That is with legs slightly apart, head up and your hands placed on your hips. The second group of participants were given no instructions.

Both groups were told that they would be performing a series of tasks.

When both groups finished performing the tasks, the group that had spent several minutes in this Super Woman Pose performed much better than the group who had done nothing prior to the task.

Reduced Stress Levels

Not only did they perform much better with the task, their stress levels following this performance were much lower than the group who had done nothing prior. These results were obtained by measuring the cortisol (a hormone produced by stress) levels in the blood.

Enhanced mood

Not only that, standing in this pose triggered a release of chemicals in the brain that seemed to enhance the participants mood.

Based on his extensive research and following the protocols for reliable scientific study, these results were reproduced again and again.

It was Dr. Vishton’s suggestion to use this simple tip prior to engaging in any stressful activity, especially preparing for an interview! This suggestion is so simple that you can try it as soon as you finish reading this article.

One more thing to remember. When its time to interview the interviewer is looking for the right candidate for his or her position. and hopes you’ll be the one to fill it.

Just as you are hoping to land the right job.

When you are hoping to land the right job for you, consider working with a professional staffing agency. A staffing agency will do most of the legwork for you. Their objective is to bring together candidates and employers to make the perfect fit.


Cynthia Becker
Life Coach/Wellness Coach
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