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3 Non-Traditional Ways to Find Work When the Regular Routes Are Unsuccessful

3 Non-Traditional Ways to Find Work When the Regular Routes Are Unsuccessful


It is one thing to try and find an employment position to better your current job circumstances, but if you are out of work and shopping for a new job, finding something immediately is vital. When filling out applications for full-time employment just isn’t yielding results, there may be a few other ways you can find work for the time being. Here are a few non-traditional ways of getting work.

Sign up at a local temp service.

Temp services often get disregarded because the only jobs they usually have to offer are temporary positions that need filled as quickly as possible. Because these job services are only temporary, many job seekers do not sign up, which means quick employment is usually fairly easy to find. Even though positions through a temp agency may be temporary, they can help you get by until your find something else. Plus, temporary or seasonal positions could lead to a full-time job if you go to work for a place and they like your work.

Look for contract work.

Employers not looking to expand their workforce will often hire individual contractors to fill specific duties. While many people think of contract work as something in the construction industry, this is not always the case. Every type of employer from medical facilities to call centers can be on the lookout for an individual contractor at any given moment. Contract work usually involves you committing to fulfill a certain set of tasks or project for a certain amount of pre-determined money, and then signing a contract to show you will complete these services. These jobs are usually a once-and-done thing, but if you have a skill to offer, you can definitely get a few good paychecks.

Check out online opportunities.

It is no big secret that there are real jobs online, such as being a call representative from home or even editing or writing work. However, many people have no idea how many different opportunities there are to make money online, even if it is just a bit to carry you over while you look for other work. Performing data entry work that pays per task, writing product reviews, or even providing your voice for commercials in voiceover tasks are all examples of work you can find online.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of work to carry you through until you find full-time employment and there are many opportunities if you know where to look. For more information about unconventional employment opportunities, contact Ad-Vance Talent Solutions.