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What Does Google’s Entry Into the Recruitment Space Mean for the Industry?

What Does Google’s Entry Into the Recruitment Space Mean for the Industry?


The job market is always changing, and new trends follow the path of technology. Google has been at the forefront of technological innovation. Recently, they’ve entered the job hiring and placement industry with Google Hire and Google for Jobs. These promise to make big waves in this field and can fundamentally change how the industry works. Whether you are an early adopter of their services or not, it’s important to understand how they work. Here’s everything that you need to know about them:

Google Hire

“Google Hire is going to transform the use of algorithms in the recruitment space – faster data and faster matching of talent to employer is going to make Google Hire a major competitor in the recruitment space.”


– Cheryl Cran, Synthesis at Work Inc


Google Hire is a recruiting app tailored with small to medium business human resources and hiring managers in mind. It syncs up with Gmail and Google Calendar, centralizing multiple aspects of the hiring process. This includes initial email correspondence between HR and job candidates, scheduling virtual or in-person interviews, and other emailed negotiations.


Through Google Hire, you can easily:

  • collaborate with other people who help make the hiring decisions
  • stay in touch with candidates
  • easily search the database of current and prior candidates

However, Google Hire isn’t included in the G Suite bundle for businesses. This means that it will cost extra. The exact cost is on a sliding scale based on the company’s size. Consider carefully whether Google Hire is right for you.

Google for Jobs

“With Google for Jobs (their search engine job board-style user experience) it could have a major impact on the future of job boards and aggregators.”


– Nathan Perrot, AIA Worldwide


Google for Jobs is the complement to Google Hire. It’s designed with the needs of job seekers in mind. It’s an aggregator for career sites and job board listings. It’s a new feature on Google’s world-renowned search engine that’s designed to make the job hunt faster and more convenient than ever.


How does Google for Jobs work? It’s simple. The job seeker types what they’re looking for into the search engine. The search terms are then run through Google sophisiticated algorithms. The search engine pulls together listings from a wide range of job boards, which are then displayed to the user.


Some features of Google for Jobs include:

  • A streamlined and intuitive user experience.
  • You can narrow the results down in a number of ways including by city or by most recent listings.
  • Candidates can click on the listings and apply directly from Google for Jobs.
  • They can also share listings and Google the company for more information about it.

These features make Google for Jobs attractive to employment seekers. That deep pool of candidates, in turn, has enticed many companies and job boards to integrate Google for Jobs into their online presence.

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