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Guerilla Job Search

There is a proverb that says, “Desperate times require desperate actions”.  Some individuals seeking employment might just feel that way when it comes to seeking employment.  We’re all reading about individuals standing with a sign at a corner or printing their resume on a tee shirt, but apart from the amusing story of what some people would do for a job, let’s look at it from a different perspective.

It’s easy to follow the application process like so many salmon swimming upstream.  Apply for the position online and wait.  Perhaps receive an automated reply and then never hear again.  This has sadly become status quo.  For most, that was the end.  Several might follow up with a phone call or email.  This is better, for at least this individual make an effort to be distinguished from the pack.  Unfortunatly, sometimes this works, at times it doesn’t.  But let’s go even further.  What of the person who:

  • Volunteers to do a project or work for free to convince them that they are the right candidate?
  • Prepares portfolios of past work and then drops off multiple copies to the targeted organization?
  • Develops a relationship with the front desk person, who becomes the candidate’s best advocate with the targeted organization?
  • A resume comes with a Starbuck’s three-dollar gift card with a note, “I thought you’d like a cup of coffee on me so you can take your time reviewing my qualifications”.
  • Prepare an interview on DVD, so the hiring manager can interview you without even scheduling an interview.
  • Prepare a Q&A sheet of you answering some of the most common interview questions.
  • Prepare a customized work product item for the target company, for example:
    – Programmer: A small customized program that addresses their industry.
    – Business Person: A cost-reduction program proposal.
    – Marketer: A new advertisement campaign concept or branding effort.

The ideas are endless, and the results would vary.  If distinguishing you as an individual among the hundreds of other candidates, what do you have to lose?  The key is do something completely different, be bold, yet sincere, and keep it reasonable appropriate.  A great resource for other ideas is the Guerrilla marketing series by author, Jay Conrad Levinson.  You can visit Jay’s website at: http://www.gmarketing.com

Rick is a Florida-based Human Resources and Career Strategist.  You can find more advice and insights at http://www.rmbaron.com or contact him at rick@rmbaron.net.

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