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Hiring Seasonal Help for Summer

Hospitality jobs in Sarasota and Bradenton


Summertime is one of the busiest times of year for travel, because students are off of school. College students start their summer vacations in May, while grade school students are usually out of school by June. If you are in the hospitality or travel industry, you are probably in the market for seasonal help. Hospitality jobs in Sarasota and Bradenton can get very busy with the influx of summer travelers.


Finding the Right Summer Recruits

The hospitality industry requires a high level of customer service, so it is important to hire the right job seeker for your company. College students or industrious high school students are a good choice as long as they are responsible and articulate. When looking for seasonal jobs such as lifeguards or summer desk clerks, make sure to let applicants know the job is only for a limited time period. State the qualifications clearly, with any preferences to help students match the right job to their skills. If there is a hospitality school nearby, you can call the office to see if they will help you find recruits. Many students will find working in their chosen industry can help them build a resume for a permanent job. In return, you may find a new employee once they graduate.


Realistic Expectations

It is generally better to create specific jobs just for seasonal help, because applicants will likely not be as invested in the job as a regular employee. Seasonal workers are only working to make money for school or other ventures; therefore it is hard for them to become fully vested. However, that doesn’t mean that seasonal workers will not be conscientious. Most workers want to gain experience and at the very least, a recommendation for future jobs. If you find that you have top-notch workers this year, you may want to hire them conditionally for next year before the summer ends.


Special Projects

Summer may also be the best time to work on special projects with your seasonal help. Things that get put off during other times of the year due to budget shortfalls may be cheaper to get done with seasonal help. When you do start working with your summer help, make sure that you offer them enough training to work confidently and present the face you want your customers to see.