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How a Staffing Agency Can Support Your Business

When it comes to the overall workforce, staffing agencies are certainly pulling more than their fair share of weight. According to the American Staffing Association, 73% of staffing employees work full-time, which is comparable to those who have a job through more traditional avenues, at 75%. You might be wondering how a staffing agency can help you with your own business. Let’s take a look!

Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Do you have a lot of business to do but you find yourself bogged down with a lot of tedious work? Free yourself by hiring people from a staffing agency. They will hit the ground running and you’ll be able to focus on the intricate parts of your company rather than the mundane. The ability to reclaim time is an invaluable thing.

Save Money Searching for Candidates

It can be expensive trying to find people to work for you. You’d have to write job ads and interview people. The people at a staffing agency can save you from that issue by vetting the people that they are sending over to you. It’s also in their best interests to send good workers since they want to create a pipeline between the two of you. So, use that to your benefit.

Bridge the Gap Between Non-Profitability and Profitability

Your business is starting to grow some but you’re not ready to hire a full-time group of people. Use an agency to bridge the gap until you start making good money. Who knows, you might be able to hire some of these people in the future. They’ll be familiar with what you do when that happens, so there won’t be the need to retrain them. That’s money that can go back into the budget.

As you can see, there are several ways you can benefit from using an agency. Another thing that you will be doing is providing income for people who need it as well. Those people can also list your job on their resume, which is important for future job searches for them. It’s something that can work out for everyone involved. Are you looking for a staffing agency that can help you with your business needs? We have temp workers as well as temp-to-hire candidates and can help with both hospitality and government staffing. Contact Ad-Vance Talent Solutions today to learn more!