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Is YOUR vendor being held accountable??

Attention Employers: Have you recently broken down what your vendor does for you and the benefits of using their services? More importantly, is your vendor being held accountable?

Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions is proud to be the preferred vendor of both Sarasota County and Manatee County Governments. Recently, we encountered a minor issue with billing for an employee at Manatee County. Neither party was at fault, but when the mistake was caught, Ad-VANCE quickly stepped up to take accountability according to our contract and correct the issue, while taking a significant profit loss. Our approach is always to promptly and accurately correct any errors, whether or not they are our own, and always conduct business in the best interested of our client! We are proud to share our most recent “Vendor Performance Report” from Manatee County in reference to our ethical and timely response to the issue:

“The Purchasing Division hired a temporary Buyer to assist the division utilizing the existing temporary employment services blanket purchase order with Advance Talent Solutions Inc. The pay rate to the employee for the Buyer position is $15.38/hour; the contracted bill rate for the Buyer position is $18.69. During the hiring process, there was a miscommunication regarding the pay rate versus the bill rate and the temporary employee was hired at the bill rate instead of the pay rate … The temporary employee worked a total of 271.50 hours. The total different between the bill rate of $18.69/hour and $25.42/hour (amount billed by Advance for 271.50 hours) is $1,827.19. Advance Talent Solutions Inc. was notified of the discrepancy and agreed to honor their contracted bill rate of $18.69/hour, even though it cost their company dollars. They extended professionalism, accountability, and responsibility in a prompt and courteous fashion to resolve the issue in accordance with their existing contract. ” -Manatee County Government Employee 5/17/12

We take great pride in always taking accountability and providing the best possible service to each and every one of our valuable clients. … Is YOUR vendor accountable?

Ad-VANCE Author: Erin Lee, PHR