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Modern Strategies to Attract Talented New Employees in 2017

Modern Strategies to Attract Talented New Employees in 2017


In the last decade, the job market has significantly changed. A new generation has entered the labor force, the economy has shifted, and employees have found opportunities and challenges in filling key roles in the company. One of the best ways to attract the attention of a great candidate is through a benefits package.


What makes for an attractive and competitive benefits package? There is no one size fits all answer. Companies are now tailoring the benefits of the job to each candidate, based on their demographics and the details of the position. Some important things to consider are the prospective employee’s age, gender, experience, and their personal goals for career and family.

Flex-time can attract candidates of all ages

Instead of the traditional employment model of a 9 to 5 workday, five days a week, flex time allows for the creation of an individualized schedule that works for both employee and the company. With clear expectations of job roles and deadlines, this can be very effective.


For example, an employee may want to work one day of the weekend, freeing up Wednesdays for a continuing education class. Other people who may enjoy flex time include single parents, part-time workers, or people with sporadic health issues that make it a challenge to work in the workplace.

Paid time off is a powerful negotiating tool

It may sound counterproductive, but offering candidates an increased number of paid time off days can actually benefit your company in the long term.

First of all, people may be willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for this benefit.

Secondly, taking the occasional day off without concerns about the financial impact it will have can dramatically improve the employee’s morale and job performance.

Finally, employers hesitant about this benefit need to understand that employees typically don’t use all or even most of their paid time off.

Healthcare and retirement will be growing areas of interest in benefits packages

Under this administration, healthcare and retirement packages are in flux. Many people are willing to accept a reduced salary in exchange for the security of a well-rounded health insurance package and more generous employer matching for a 401k plan. If a prospective employee comes in with an unusually high salary request, you may be able to negotiate it lower by offering a more generous healthcare and retirement plan.

Think outside the box for additional, attention-grabbing benefits

Take a little time to think about what additional job benefits might appeal to your potential employees and represent your company’s core values. This varies from business to business, but here are some perks that other employers have used to great success:

  • on-site or subsidized daycare appeals to young and growing families.
  • gym memberships are very popular with younger employees fresh out of college.
  • free or discounted lunches are popular with all ages, and have the additional benefit of increased productivity because employees don’t have to commute for lunch.
  • reimbursement for the expenses of continuing education or certification fees.

Now that you have figured out your benefits strategy, how do you go about connecting to job candidates? One of the most successful recruiting tools is through an employment staffing agency like Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions. Through the agency, employees are pre-screened so you will get candidates that are the best fit for the available position. Finding the right candidate can take some time; contact Ad-VANCE today to get started on the hiring process.