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Prepare for Your Next Job NOW


The last thing you want to be doing when you’re looking for your next opportunity is to be scrambling to build connections and feverishly updating your resume.  Follow these tips to stay ahead of the game:

  • Keep current on industry news and study trends so you know which way the wind is blowing.  Read one book this month related to your field.


  • Join professional organizations.  If your employer won’t pay for it, pay for it yourself and think of it as an investment.  Your boss will view it as professional–as will the many prospective employers you’ll meet  as you develop your social network.  Professional organizations also double as great places to seek a mentor.


  • Learn the skills of a change agent. The vast majority of wokers are implementers.   If you’re in this category, you can’t change your nature, but you can recognize that we live in quickly changing times which beg for people who can lead and manage change.  Find a way to build your skills in this area.  It will make you more marketable.