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Questions That Will Make You Look Smart at a Job Interview

“Let’s say you hire me for this position. It’s a year from now and I’ve done better in this role than anyone you’ve seen.  What have I done?”

“What are the unwritten rules of this office (is it part of workplace culture that everyone goes to Happy Hour together, is it a given that people eat lunch at their desk, do people bring their children to work, etc.)?”

“Will I be expected to work evenings?  Is that particular to my role or will others be working late also?  Is it ever considered appropriate to work from home–or is it a given that I’d respond to company email in my time off? If overtime is expected, approximately how much overtime should I expect to perform in a given week?”

“Does the tone tend to be serious in his office or is it considered important to have fun while getting the job done?”

“When was the last time someone got promoted and what were they promoted for?”

“How can I get ahead here?  What opportunities for professional development and advancement exist? Is there tuition reimbursement?  Will I be expected to pay for further training in my field?”

“Is there anything you’ve heard today that would prevent me from being a finalist for the position (ie. that could prevent you from hiring me)?  Do you have any questions about my ability to do the job?” (If so, respond now while you have a chance to correct their view of you.)