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The Art of Interviewing

It is true what they say:  Resumes and applications don’t get you jobs, interviews do … and landing an interview is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. While having a good resume is incredibly important when trying to find a job, it does not guarantee you a job.  A solid resume will get you noticed and get your foot in the door amongst the hundreds of other applicants, but it is the interview that seals the deal. This is pretty much true for any level of position. In addition to the resume, applying to the right jobs and diligence in following up on applications are also mandatory steps in landing an interview.

Once you land an interview, it is important to prepare for it. Interviewing is an art, and it takes practice to perfect. Can anyone really say that they “nailed” their very first interview? Probably not. We’ve identified 5 factors to help you in building your interview skills:

# 1-Be prepared! Dress professionally, have copies of your resume with you, research the company beforehand, and if possible, have questions for the interviewer prepared.

# 2- Never underestimate the value of a solid handshake and good eye contact. An interview is all about connecting with the person that is interviewing you and effectively conveying your message to them.

# 3- Pay attention throughout the interview. Really listen to each question, and keep your answers focused and to-the-point.

# 4-  Back up your answers with specific examples from your experiences. The interview is not an exam but a conversation between interviewer and applicant. Keep the conversation professional and direct, but remember that it is about connecting with the interviewer, not acing a test.

# 5- Follow up! It is okay to ask your interviewer if it is okay to follow up and what their preferred method is. This will open the door of communication and prevent you from being left wondering if you got the job or not…

Remember: Start with a solid resume, add in diligent search efforts, meaningful applications & follow-up … and you’re well on your way to landing an interview. Remember these 5 things …and you’re well on your way to landing that job!