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Upskilling and Reskilling

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What every employer needs to know

One in three people would avoid change if they could.

Goal setting, as a way of creating change, seems to be less popular now than any time since the beginning of the previous decade.

Since the global financial crisis, one in three people also say that if they do not see immediate results for their efforts they usually give up and do something else.

32.2% say they do not persist. Less than half the people surveyed indicate that they would not persist in the face of a lack of immediate progress.

Over two thirds of people do not find study interesting. What does this say about how learning and training is structured?

Almost two thirds of people surveyed say that uncertainty about the future worries them. Obviously the majority of people are not comfortable with uncertainty.

Over 50% of people surveyed said that they do not have a clear picture of what they are going to be doing and how they’re going to get there in the next five years.

Based on the above statistics, employers have a definite edge when it comes to employee retention

According to recent statistics the number of employees who are considering staying with their employer has improved from 61% to in 2022 to 75% in 2023.



One of the most significant parts of the employee retention program is upskilling.

Upskilling is a workplace trend that provides training programs and development opportunities to expand an employee’s abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling focuses on improving current employees’ skill sets so they can advance in their jobs and find different roles and opportunities within the company. TechTarget


Benefits of upskilling

When a payment raise is not in the budget, the opportunity to train for a new position can fill that gap.

Upskilling also encourages a worker to take ownership of his or her job.

Upskilling can provide a way to deal with uncertainty.

Upskilling also provides a way forward for those employees that don’t have a concept of where they will be in five years.

Upskilling will give workers the opportunity to see themselves in a long term career at your company.


Management and non-management

Another interesting statistic was revealed in the survey. 74% of executives said that the company was focused on developing their skills, while only 45% of non-management employees said that their company was doing the same.


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