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Why Resumes Do NOT Equal Applications

In today’s job market, the average unemployed job seeker submits over 100 resumes & applications before finding employment! Obviously, with this staggering statistic, it is easy to think that every single application you fill out is redundant. The fact of the matter is that COMPLETE applications are a necessary part of the hiring process! You should always thoroughly & accurately complete the employer’s application if you are serious about the job opening. Here are some of the top reasons why your resume does not equal the application:

1. Applications ask for additional information that is not provided on the resume. YOU construct your resume and decide what to include on it. Employers will most often want additional information, such as: supervisor contact information, reason for leaving your jobs, whether or not you have a valid driver’s license, etc.

2. Applications usually include a signature line (or electronic signature) that verifies all information provided is factual. Again, you decide what to divulge on your resume, and it is not a binding document. Employers are legally responsible to abide by fair hiring standards and must have a document with your consent that all information provided to them is factual.

3. Applications are used for reference checks. Most applications will ask for references or for contact information on previous employers. We advise against submitting a resume with references. Instead, fill out the employer’s application form and include reference information or give your references at the interview.

4. A complete application shows that you are truly interested. We’re all guilty of doing this, but the words “See Resume” indicate laziness. It’s no secret that filling out an application is an additional step … If you don’t make the effort to take that additional step, why should the employer take their time to consider you?

5. A complete application will give you the one-up on the competition! We estimate that only 3 out of every 10 applicants will completely (and correctly) fill out a job application. Be one of those 3, and be one step ahead of the 7 who did not take the proper steps for consideration!

6. Applications are a true indicator of competency. Your resume may be beautifully constructed, but an employer has no way to verify that you put it together. Fill out the application as if you were creating a professional resume, proof-read it, and make sure it is complete! This is the first assessment of whether or not you can complete a professional document.

7. An incomplete application WILL make or break your chances of employment. I often read articles advising that it is only the interview that will make or break your chances of getting the job, but never underestimate the steps the get you to that point!

It’s like I always tell my candidates … “WHEN IN DOUBT … FILL IT OUT!”

Ad-VANCE Author: Erin Lee, PHR