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Procurement & Piggyback Options



At Ad-Vance we understand the demands in the work place today can make it challenging to not only find the time, but the budget necessary to procure the right people for the right job.  We are your solution.

We offer piggybacking contracts to help you join forces with other organizations to strengthen your processes, ease the financial challenges, and provide better time efficiency. This technique gives you the chance to focus on your own work while knowing open positions are being filled, payroll and other administrative duties are being handled professionally and cost-effectively.

As Cornell University explains: What is Piggybacking? – Piggybacking is when you use an existing contract to acquire the same commodities or services at the same or lower price from another public entity contract.

Ad-Vance has proven our knowledge and expertise when it comes to piggybacking.  Multiple companies have already joined the process – give your company that extra boost to help your processes run smoother and more efficiently.


Ad-Vance Offers:


Multiple County Contracts to Piggyback from

  • Recruitment Services Contracts
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Contracts
  • Temporary Staffing Services Contracts
  • Contract & Project Staffing
  • Contingent Labor Management


Why Piggyback?

  • Proven Vender Results and Efficiencies
  • Ease of Implementation the groundwork and processes are already in place
  • Condensed Timeline to Implement
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Saves Time and Monies spent on writing and advertising RFP or Bid
  • Volume Pricing Discounts – Piggyback off of large volume user contracts for best rates and pricing
  • Added Value Services included:
    • Applicant Tracking Software
    • Spark Hire Video Interviewing
    • Job Board Customization
    • Real-Time Reporting & Report Customization