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How Not to Get a Job | 5 Word Phrases Which Will Likely Ruin Your Job Interview

how not to get a job


You create a killer resume, get a call for an interview, and spend days mentally preparing, so surely you will be a shoo-in for that job position you really want, right? Unfortunately, once candidates slip into the chair across from their potential employer for an interview, sometimes their nerves somehow manage to take a front seat and their common sense tries to hide out under the table. This can lead to saying some pretty unattractive things to someone who wants to know if you are a right fit for their company, and sometimes, it won’t even hit you until you are walking out the door. If you want to make sure you don’t end up spouting off something which makes you look like the least desirable candidate, there are a few five-word phrases you should hit the delete button on in your vocabulary.

1. Is there a drug test?

If one of your primary concerns during an interview is whether or not there will be a drug test, you are sending the message that you have something to worry about as far as drugs are concerned. You might as well just straight-faced tell the interviewer that you occasionally get high and there may be drugs in your system.

2. I’m not a team player.

The position you are being interviewed for may be something that will have you stuck in a back office somewhere all by yourself, but to openly admit that you are not a team player is never a good idea. Stating this is basically saying you have a difficult time getting along with others, and this is definitely not the impression you want to give an employer–ever.

3. What is the job again?

Before you ever agree to a scheduled interview time over the phone, you should most definitely know what position it is that you are trying to obtain. Don’t ever give the interviewer the impression that you are so unorganized that you have no idea what position it is you are trying to get.

4. I need some time off.

It doesn’t matter if you have a vacation planned in fort myers hotels near beach that has been in the works for months, bringing up the fact that after you get hired, you will immediately need some time off is a bad idea. This can make a potential employer feel like you are more concerned about your time off than actually having a job.


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